Saturday 29 January 2011

{ROE} Commandos vs. Fallshirmjager

20pts advance to contact in the snow of winter 1944.

Much movement but little action from both sides, some long range fire achieves nothing,

The British take a rather dastardly approach and put a 95mm shell into the church were the German HQ section is positioned, several casualties are caused. Meanwhile in the villiage a Fallshirmjager section advances into the centre but are met by a commmando sub section, close  combat ensues! In the centre the another subsection tries to grenade a panzershreck team to death, they kill one man. A third combat breaks out between the Fallshirmjager and the Commando recon section, the commandos however are weakened by some op. fire from a nearby wood.

Mainly close combat, the Fallshirmjager suffer in most but in one fight they give the commandos a kicking.

The Germans pass a break test. The commandos in the town sweep across the snow and engage the armoured car with AT grenades, unfortuantly the explosion kills three of the commandos. The support tanks and the British MG continue to pepper the German sniper team to no effect.

The Germans pass another breaktest. The British storm the ruins of the Church with grenades and bren gun fire but achieve little, they are then wiped out by the German HQ. More close combat notches up a few more dead Fallshirmjager.

The British take and fail their first break test! What a shocker!

A minor victory for the Fallshirmjager, both sides also complete their secret orders, the Fallshirmjager protected their Commander and the British destoryed the German armour.


  1. Great report!

    I now own a copy of RoE.

    Many Thanks and Happy Gaming,