Saturday 12 March 2011

Indians vs. DAK game 1

A platoon of Indians try to protect two small villages from the DAK!

The Indians see the advancing Germans and rush to dig in, while taking fire from the DAK. The German reinforcement section takes heavy fire.

Things continue to look good for the Indians and bad for the reinforcement section, a section of Indians sally out of a house to try and take on the captured Matilda with their feeble anti-tank rifles.

Things are starting to turn against the Indians, the German MGs are taking their toll and casualties are starting to stack up, the two carriers race out to try and bring their ATRs into action but they both bounce of the Matilda and inflict only hits on the infantry with their brens, British arty over shoots again. The Germans cause both carriers to spin out of control, one crashes into a rocky out crop and explodes.

A tank shell from the Matilda sends the second Carrier crashing straight out of control, but it crashes into the Matilda! The Carrier looses that fight badly and only two crew stumble out to fight on. The British arty continues to perform badly.

The Germans push hard on the Indians left flank causing the Indians to send troops from the much safer right flank, German fire chases the two remaining crew of the last carrier down the road! The Indians pass a morale check to stay in the battle. Indians hiding inside a house race to the roof top and assualt the Germans with SMGs and hand grenades while the HMG adds to the fire.

Despite repulsing a German attack things are still looking bad for the Indians but they refuse to give in, the Germans settle down to long range attacks which take their toll on the Indians.
The Indians pass another break test. Their arty arrives on demand, scatters back and takes out the building housing the the FAO and the Indian platoon HQ killing one of their men!
The Indians refuse to quit, the Germans continue to laydown fire and the Indians manage to pop off the odd German!

Suddenly the boots on the other foot and the Germans need to take a break test, which they promptly fail! Victory for the Indians!

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  1. Very cool game. It's good to see the Indians in the desert for a change. Well done.