Saturday 5 November 2011

[BKCII] Diversionary Attack - Jan 1945 - Eastern Front

4500pts of Russians vs. 3000pts of Germans

The Germans are dug in in the town at the far end

This one in fact

The German positions get a visit from a Soviet dive bomber

Scout car advancing, the Soviets have failed to get any other units on the board

BA-64 scouting out among the ruins of a another battle.

The flankers arrive in force on the edge of town but roll straight into a minefield and two sections of SS armed with panzershrecks

The bulk of the reece battalion finally start their advance

The other Soviet elements finally arrive

Artillery dropped into an urban enviroment does a lot of damage

The bikes are rolling now

The scouts head into a bunker, however it turns out to be empty

Two units of SS troops are holding this whole lot of metal at bay

Trapped by the minefield and their commanders in ability to give any orders

Holding the empty bunker

Hertzer out hunting for Soviets

AA takes out the dive bomber

Point blank range the assault guns are still having problems with the single section of SS hiding in the building

Nearly there!

The BA-64 gets to close to the enemy

Desperately trying to probe the German centre

The German centre

Its hard to get infantry out of trenches!

The infantry arrive but are massacred by the Germans

Nothing at all happened in this area!

The Russians have managed to KO two German units but the Germans have still not called in their reinforcements and its a major win for the Germans!

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