Saturday 25 February 2012

[BKCII] If You Go Down In The Woods Today

Based on the scenario in the downloads section of the BKC website but tweeked for BKC 2, more points and a bigger table. A small US force of paras is cut off in a town in the Ardennes under attack from a German force, both sides are waiting for reinforcements...

Op. fire menaces the German advance

The crafty flanking move by the Hertzers is not unnoticed.

Heavy fire pushs back the Germans

Artillery pounds the paras in town

Taking the high ground

Use the cover of the church the Germans continue their advance into town
The Hertzers move to take advantage of the line of sight provided by the road.

American reinforcements arrive to the west.

More reinforcements

The German heavy boys arrive
Close combat!!

Flanking around the edge of town the Shermans prepare to engage the heavy German tanks.

But first they give the Hertzers a pounding.
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Ze German armour starts its deadly work but the artillery finishes their work!

Stuck and refusing to move behind the woods.


The fight at the edge of town is turning into a bloody stalemate.

Shermans burning on the edge of town.

But the Gods of war seem to be favouring the Yanks

The initiative phase is hectic as both sides armour engages

As turn 9 comes to an end the Germans fail a leadership test at -2 and are forced to retire.


  1. What was your army lists? That's some heavy equipment. I'm going to link from my blog because I played through this scenario ago.

  2. I had 4 stands of paras with a mortar, 2 mgs, one ATG and a pack howitzer. My reinforcements were 6 shermans, 1 grey hound and an FAO with 2 stands of 76mm arty on stand by.

    My opponent had more infantry, one mortar and mg. 3 hertzers, 1 open topped SPAT (I forget the name), i think 3 jadgpanzer 4s and one jadgtiger.

    In points terms the Germans had 1512pts on the table and 1188pts of reinforcements. The Americans had 840pts on the table and 1160pts of reinforcements.

  3. Great looking game Dave. I might have to try this one.

  4. Cheers, theres some good stuff in the downloads section.