Saturday 26 May 2012

[CWC] 1967 Reconnaissance in Force.

A reinforced Egyptian Brigade attempts to capture an Israeli regional HQ>

Scheduled air support

A bold advance by the T-55 battalion


The Israeli M-48s start work at long range.

Braving AA the SU-7 tries again

The much battered T-55s get into the cover of the town but not without more damage from the M-48s

The road of death!

Artillery plays havok with the lorried infantry

The ski is full of death!

Finally able to bring the M-48s under fire the arabs start to push them back

The area around the target building is thick with Israeli infantry

An attack on the target building is driven off by AA fire.

Finally the arabs start to take their toll.

Bomb alley continues to be an unfriendly place.

Ariel view of the approach to town

Bombs away!

The flanking reece battalion of PT-76s arrives right behind a completely unaware company of M-48s!

Close range fighting is brutal

A succession of fall backs is taking is toll on the other flank.

Arab forces mass for another push

A wall of armour prepares for a final push

Combat engineers in close combat!

Close call!

The target building surrounded by T-55s

One last attack run nails an SU-100

As turn five ends the Israelis are have lost 9 units out of a breakpoint of 5, the Egyptians have lost 21 out of a breakpoint of 23. The Israelis fail their break test and flee handing a minor victory to the Egyptians!

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  1. Those pesky PT-76'S. Great bat/rep and the model's look great.