Saturday 30 June 2012

[CWC]Welcome to the Jungle!

1965 - Vietnam: US vs. NVA - encounter.

Out for a cruise

The locals

The NVA begin their advance

US soldiers encounter the jungle for the first time

NVA unit grind to a halt

First the armour wouldn't arrive then it leaves its HQ far behind!

Bravely scouting ahead, probably not a wise choice!


deploying at a strategic cross roads.

Movement is slow in the jungle

Oh dear, its not so nice here, first an F4 tries to drop Napalm but is driven off

Then a heuy tries a gun run and is shot down..

However the accurate American artillery restores the balance

A second NVA battalion heads into the jungle

Mortar fire cleans up whats left of the battalion trying to cross the river

The US  reach the edge of the woods.

and advice out into the open.

Its getting busy in that jungle!

NVA mortars and artillery make their presence felt.

All quite at the river.

The two sides edge closer together

Massed fire power is poured into the jungle.

A local farmer seems confused by all the traffic!

Its Napalm time!

Up close and personnel!

US special forces chopper in to take out the mortars!

No more mortars!

The US head back into the cover of the jungle.

More fire power poured into the NVA battalions in the jungle.

A wave of RPGs strike the American patton.

The NVA break and call it a day!