Saturday 4 August 2012

[BKC II] Deliberate Attack (Normandy 44)

Two 1500pt British battlegroups from the Guards Armoured Division face 1500pts of defending Germans...

Ze Germans!


Road block!

On the other flank some movement but not much

The Germans suddenly move forward, scoring a double one they race forward, the RAF try to intervene.

Finally some movement on the bridge

Panzer 4s

After some slow movement the Welsh get their own double one, and race onto the flank of the German Panzer 4s.

The advancing infantry over run a German reece unit as they head towards the town

Find them...

Flank them...

Finish them!

German artillery, mortars and the tiger make trouble for the advancing infantry

The tiger is out their somewhere\1

Off target air support

Cautious advance from the Guards shermans

The Germans pass their breaktest

Now the German artillery switches sides and does heavy damage to the British

The Cromwells of the Welsh Guards run out of steam before the can deal with the machine gunners

More poor accuracy.

The Guards opt for a quick march instead of a drive.

The Germans pass their breaktest at -1

That stand of German infantry may be in trouble...

Half tracks either burning or withdrawn the British head out on foot

The Germans fail a break test at -2, despite their massive points differance they Germans lost only 5 units to the British 10. How the British still win!

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