Saturday 9 April 2011

[BKC2] Guards vs. Germans September 1944 5500pts

A meeting engagement between equal size forces.

Both sides begin to arrive in force, but there is little action.

The German panthers pull out from behind he woods and are caught in the open by a squadron of Churchills who manage to pin them in place with fire, before they are finished off by the British arty, the RAF put in an appearnce and rough up the stuggs! Its not going great for the Germans but they do deal with two of the Household Cavalrys roaming armoured cars.

The British and Germans face off in the middle across town, however things still look bad for the Germans, on every front they are getting pounded. In the centre a Churchill Crocodile sneaks right up and burns out a Stugg. The Germans do manage to drive off the Typhoon with AA fire.

The German rocket artillery targets itself! While once again the RAF are driven off. The unstoppable advance of the British on the left reduces the Stugg brigade to virtually nothing,

The Germans pass a break test a -3 to stay in but are immediatly punshed by losing their last infantry sections to the might Crocodile and the Churchill demolition tank. They also do for the MG section behind a hedgrow but not before the Germans manage to KO an infantry section. On the right hand side the Germans manage to pour sufficent fire into a Churchill to destroy one, they do a dance of victory which the RAF and British 25pdrs promptly put an end to!

The Germans need to pass a break test at -9, they fail! The Brits have lost 4 stands to the Germans 28!

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  1. im suprised they got the univeral carrier in up into that tree ;)

    great looking arr and terrain.