Saturday 30 April 2011

[WD3] Dark Ages Side Ga

Mad Olaf The Gingers boys start their mission

The village

Aonther viking band (Tim's)

Tims cavalry trampels down a priest!

Mad Oalfs boys are taken by suprise by spearmen hiding in the hall

Having done the priest Tims boys go after the Saxon leaders!

Let the horse bothering begin!

Still trying to get in the hall!

"I'm having this rock!"

Mad Olaf sends his sub leader to try and steal prizes from Rich's warband

It goes badly but the archers do kill Rich's leader, it would appear fur bikinis are not arrow proof!

Mad Olaf steams into a fight between Tim's leader and the Saxons leader, they sneakly kill them both!

The archers are in trouble!

Maybe not!

All the prizes are at the other end, Olaf starts to run his fat ass across the village!

Oh dear the locals have turned up!

Tims men try to run from the local berserkers while carrying a heavy treasure chest


Sneaky, trying to nick the tresure chest from last of Tim's men right in front of the berserkers!


Not fast enough!

For some reason I can't comment on my own blog! The long house was scratch built by one of the guys.


  1. Great battle report! Nice pics and figures. The scenery looks really good, too.

  2. Great game this. Somewhat glad your attempt at nicking the treasure I'd taken great pains to nick myself was thwarted. I need me some of them Gripping Beasts now.

  3. Looks like a fantastic game!

  4. Great game - thanks for sharing!

    Love that Great hall - who makes it? Any chance of some more pics of that? I need one for my Saxon village!

  5. I probably missed it, but what dark age rules do you use for small actions like this?