Saturday 17 September 2011

Sabotage - Low Grade Germans vs. Soviet Rifle Platoon

I mis-red the set-up and hid the defenders and set up long ways on instead of short, so we added on extras three turns, put the Russians on and hid the Germans!

Low Grade Germans (infirm), with attached paras and a panzer ace in a Stugg vs. a standard Soviet platoon with a T-85. The Germans are trying to take out a Soviet radio antenna.

The Germans advance.

Crossing the railway line, there should be a rule for tanks losing tracks on railway lines!

The Germans start to occupy the building in the town ready to push on and storm the farm.

Soviet defenders wait for the Germans

The Germans advance to the edge of the woods and pour fire onto the Soviets

However the Soviets force a German section to fall back

The T-85 comes out of hiding to pour fire into the German HQ, meanwhile the Soviet sniper shoots and kills the German medic.

Fire is pouring into the German HQ which is foolishly the most forward unit

A long range tank dual, the Soviets miss but the Germans damage the T-85s tracks
The supporting understrength German para section jogs up the road

The Stugg forces a bail out!

The Paras storm into the farm and wipe out the remnants of a Soviet section and all but the loader of a HMG team, despite taking a lot of hits on the way in from inside the farm house and the bunker

A Soviet counter attack however wipes out the German paras taking one of them prisoner

The radio antenna is still standing as the Germans withdraw!

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