Saturday 1 October 2011

Operation Goodwood - sort of :-)

inspired by 501st Heavy Panzer Battalions counter attack during Operation Goodwood, we have 5th Guards Armoured Brigade vs. the Germans.

The RAF turn up to hamper the German heavy boys but are driven off by AA fire

Best see what the Royal Artillery can do instead!

Guards MGs and a 17pdr dig in

Here come the Stuggs and the infantry
Shermans redeploy

Recee elements lead the Stugg brigade into combat

The Germans land a very well sited smoke screen!

Luckily the British recee unit is providing line of sight for their FAC

Trying to advance into the smoke

The Stuggs stall

Some brave Guardsmen advance out of the smoke

"I say Carsters old boy those German tanks look rather close!"

Epic fail on the rocket delivery front!

Quick lay an ambush, the Germans will never see that coming

The dug in 17pdr means business!

German arty makes a return

This can only possibly end badly for the Guardsmen, its close assault time!

Our not, fix bayonets boys! Infantry 1 - 0 Panther!
However their victory is short lived

Oh f**k!

Say hello to my little (7.2") friends!

Surely a VC for these boys, they run out of the French chautex and PIAT a Panther to death!

and then run back to safety!

Street fighting!

Its getting nasty on the right flank!

Now that the Germans AA unit is dead the RAF are feeling a bit cocky!
Are they Panzerfuasts? I hope not!

Strategic withdrawl!

Clearly one Panther is not enough for these mentalists!

Still alive!

Fall back to the second defensive line, err.. so the woods then sarge?

Its looking rough in the street

Quick limber up and leg it!

Pointlessly mean killing of the Honey recee tank
More Stuggs

The 6pdr fails to withdraw

17pdr still going strong, despite its supporting infantry withdrawing to the second line

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Its a plane armed with rockets!

Infantry vs. FAC
The firefly gets KO'd!

The RAF are really keeping the Brits in it!

The German heavy boys have made it into the British rear, ouh err missus!

The British are getting over ran

A final desperate bayonet charge fails to help

The British pass a break test at -4 but the CO's driver seems to be on her way so they call it a day and the Germans win!