Saturday 22 October 2011

[ROE] 38pt Advance to Contact - Eastern Front.

A Russian Guards motorised rifle platoon and a reduced strength rifle platoon vs. A German Para platoon and a German low grade (stomach) platoon. (note the Germans are fielding a captured T-34).
Soviet start line.

Russian support weapons.
Ready to roll.
Looking for a good position the under strength platoon heads out.

The motorised platoons first section arrives via jeep.
Hiding in the woods waiting for the chance to strike.
Hopefully that walls fairly sturdy.
The stomach boys trudge forward supported by the captured T-34.
Para's and a stugg advance towards the Russians.
That walls not helping much!
Theres a lot of fire power in this sector

A smoking armoured car and its sole survivor..
Reserve fire deals with the Stugg before it gets a shot of.

Looks like theres going to be a scrap.
The Germans put up more of a fight then expected.
With its gunner stunned the Russian T-34 opts for a tank shook taking out two paras!
More stomach boys occupying the factory.
A panzer faust firing on op. fire from a barn takes out the Germans T-34, there is much rejoicing!
The brawl continues but Stalin's boys are getting the upper hand!
The Germans start testing for morale, they past their first roll
Having survived a last ditch panzerfaust the T-34 tries to take the Germans command halftrack from behind and fails.

The fight is over and the Russian victors flee into the church.
The Germans T-34 was sent out of control by the shot that killed it
Germans surround the church and fill it with grenades.
AT grenades!
Inside the church!

The cavalry finally make their move.

Its proving to be a bad day for armour!
The cavalry take out the command half track with AT grenades.

You can't kill me!

They took one casualty!!!
The sniper team wipe out the the half track survivors with fire and blade!
Another German platoon HQ suffers at the hands of the Russians


The German HQ wiped out the last russians heads for his own lines.

In the distance the second German armoured car crew is forced to bail out due to HMG fire.

They finally start to sort themselves out.


Things get worse for the armoured car crew.

Surprise its op, fire!

The Germans need to kill one Russian to force a break test!

The Germans finally break and leg it, the Russians have also completed their secret objective of keeping their commander alive.

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