Saturday 3 December 2011

[FOF] Black Hawkski Down!

A Soviet squad is trying to reach a helicopter at the other side a small town, Afghans are in the way.

The first of the hidden Afghan forces pops up and tries to pin down one Soviet fire team.

Time to assault the M-60 team!

Taking fire from the Soviets.

The M-60 team run away instead of fighting!

Damn the gap in that fence!

Creeping around the fence

The final Afghan force appears!

The M-60 team finds a new position

Trying a short cut through a buiding.


Close combat goes badly for the Afghans.

Despite being slowed down by a casualty and a POW the first fire team makes it to the chopper

As the last of the Soviets make it to the chopper they leave behind a number of casualties.

The final score - Afghans 12 - 11 Soviets!


  1. Very nice Big Dave. How are you finding FoF as a game? I have the rules but I am a bit confused reading them.

  2. I found them a struggle to read, I read them twice and then a bloke at the club came over and told us loads we were doing wrong. But on the table it is fairly easy to get on with. We did only stick to infantry no vehicles or support.