Wednesday 28 December 2011

[ROE] FJ vs Soviets - Take & Hold

The objective is the radio tower

Germans advance

The red horde advances

Using cover sensibly

Taking fire

At the base of the hill the first wave prepare for the worst.

Time to open up!

Anti-tank team, shame the Germans didn't bring a tank!

Russian HQ in a holding position in the woods

Mortar vs. Machine Gun

German HQ

Waiting for the Germans

After several turns of fire the Soviets opt to hide

They look a bit close...

Pop up attack!

The Germans assualt the Armorued Car and are then in turn attacked

After several rounds of fighting the Russians take victory

Mexican stand off

Close combat deals with the Germans and pushes them over their break point! The Russians take a prisoner, completing their secret objective!

Victory comrades!

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