Saturday, 30 April 2011

[WD3] Dark Ages Side Ga

Mad Olaf The Gingers boys start their mission

The village

Aonther viking band (Tim's)

Tims cavalry trampels down a priest!

Mad Oalfs boys are taken by suprise by spearmen hiding in the hall

Having done the priest Tims boys go after the Saxon leaders!

Let the horse bothering begin!

Still trying to get in the hall!

"I'm having this rock!"

Mad Olaf sends his sub leader to try and steal prizes from Rich's warband

It goes badly but the archers do kill Rich's leader, it would appear fur bikinis are not arrow proof!

Mad Olaf steams into a fight between Tim's leader and the Saxons leader, they sneakly kill them both!

The archers are in trouble!

Maybe not!

All the prizes are at the other end, Olaf starts to run his fat ass across the village!

Oh dear the locals have turned up!

Tims men try to run from the local berserkers while carrying a heavy treasure chest


Sneaky, trying to nick the tresure chest from last of Tim's men right in front of the berserkers!


Not fast enough!

For some reason I can't comment on my own blog! The long house was scratch built by one of the guys.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

[CWC] Somalia 1993 - Rescue Mission

A blackhawk carrying UN officals has been shot down, the local militia captured the surviving officals and is now holding them prisoner, Task Force Ranger has found three possible locations for them and has despatched mobile forces to search them. Breakpoints are not used in this game.

The two American groups roll into the battlezone, a command bonus allows the HUMVEEs to shoot forward but they trigger an ambush and suffer badly losing two HUMVEEs and their mounted rangers, the Americans are caught from behind and are unable to respond. The ambush includes a T-55 relic from the Ogden War, however American air support deals with that quickly.

The Americans send in a scratch force of Rangers, Delta and combat engineers to farside of the town via chopper, however it scatters off its LP and suffers a crash landing suppressing everyone on board. The Somali technicals attempt to seize the moment and come out of hiding to attack them, meanwhile militia types take out a reece HUMVEE.

The unlucky HUMVEE column manages to trigger another ambush and the loses another full unit, however the remements are front onto the enemy and through firepower and close assualt they deal with some of the ambushers.

Close assualt carries the HUMVEE column through the remaining ambushers and into the first target, however the building is empty. Meanwhile the technicals head behind the airlanded troops who have ran into the cover of large building, sadly for the technicals however a reece HUMVEE is spotting for the Americans FAO and the mortars rain down!

The airlanded troops in the building start taking fire from militia in the next building, the mortars continue to rain on the technicals and the last of them is caught by a close assualting delta section. The armoured column led by the American CO, suddenly starts to take fire from a number of building, and RPGs pour down like rain.

A single section of combat engineers race across the street and taking hits but managing to burst into the building full of militia. The mortars, tanks and attack choppers attack the milita but getting them out of building is difficult.

The Americans continue to struggle to get the Somalians out of the buildings, meanwhile their RPGs manage to take a toll on the vehicles.

The combat engineers manage to race to the roof top and wipe out a militia unit but a command blunder stops the massacre before it can really every get going. Meanwhile the Americans find the prisoners in one of the buildings, they start to rush their remaining troops into the building to form a strong point, the militia in the near by buildings start to target them, the nearby Americans plus their air and arty try to clear the area ready for an escape run.

The militia manage to pin the combat engineers in place but are unable to kill them, however the Americans do manage to clear one of the buildings over looking their stronghold. However a command blunder forces two of the Americans armoured units into range of the Somalian RPGs which cost them a bradley.

The militia manage to pin the combat engineers in place but are unable to kill them, again! The Americans are rapidly running out of infantry but they are still in possession of the hostages.

The militia manage to force the the engineers out of the building but they still can't kill them, however the Americans manage to wipe out one of the remaning militia units around their stronghold and force the other into the street.

The militia finally manage to kill the engineers but they are unable to do anything to stop the last of the Rangers loading into the remaining HUMVEE but they can't manage to get out of town before they run out of time.

A victory for the Americans but at great cost and an incomplete one at that!