Monday, 27 June 2011

Google Chrome

Still no commenting, however it does now say please choose a profile but the drop down box does not drop down in chrome!

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Just so people don't think I'm being ignorant, I don't seem to be able to post comments on my own blog!

The publish and preview buttons are both there but nothing happens when I click either of them, theres a button called 'comment as' which has a drop down menu but nothing in the drop down menu! The only time I've been able to post is when I'm not on my own computers. Any suggestions much appreciated.

In answer to the question about the viking game:

Their called Pig Wars - you buy them as a PDF from the writer.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Umm Qatef 1967

 Inspired by rather than a serious attempt to recreate the battle!

The Egyptians are dug in waiting for the enemy

Here come the IDF... actually after a number of failed command rolls they don't move!

They finally get going!

The IDF have much better range then the arabs, so the arabs fall back on to the reverse slope.

7 M-48s make short work of the pillbox!

Arab arty returns the favour!

The hill top is finally abandoned by the arabs.

Mortars 1 - 0 Recoilless rifle jeep!

Waiting to launch a counter attack!

Here come the M-48s

Things get worse as the IDF infantry flank the arab position!

However their advance into the open was ill advised!

For what we are about to receive...

Op. fire is not exactly impressive!

Double 1, the IDF devastate the arabs

Another double 1! This one is on borrowed time.

The IDF infantry force meets with more problems.

One brave arab infantry section bazookas one M-48 and charges another!

A mexican stand off in the middle east!

The mortars are in trouble.

From bad to worse

Its all over!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

[BKC II] Counter Attack In The Ardennes

The field of battle, a little bit sparse.

The Germans prepare to advance.

Scheduled German artillery hammers the American position KO'ing two sections of Paras.

The Germans stall at the ruins of a town.

The heavy tanks skirt around the edge of town

The American artillery blunders and one section is suppressed

More German artillery, suppressing the American FAO

Mortars stops the German heavy Armour dead in its tracks

Op. fire from pack howitzers  and 57mm ATGs take their toll.

The mortars take advantage of open tanks

The Americans can keep the German tanks stalled but not kill them, the Germans keep firing at the hill top

The Germans try to bring on their flank force, they forgot an HQ but we let that slip, however a blunder wipes out two units!

The right flank seems to be secure

Aware that some leaderless flankers might arrive the Americans reinforce the hill

After seven turns the Germans finally break out of the center but that brings them into range of the American guns!

A German heavy tank finally falls to the Americans

The American line holds strong

The Germans have lost more than 25% so its a minor victory for the Americans.