Saturday, 21 July 2012

[CWC] Vietnam - firebase assualt

1500pts of NVA vs. 1000pts of US. Half the US force starts in the firebase the other half arrives as reinforcements at the opposite short end. The NVA attack from either or both long edges. Reinforcements arrive when the US commander rolls under the turn number on a D6. 12 turns.

Here they come!

Pincer movement

US arty slows down the NVA
Desperate times call for air support

No reinforcement

NVA commanders

Sarge, I think were in bother

No reinforcements.

This HQs second blunder results in blue on blue

The NVA stall in the jungle

Keeping the evil commies at bay!

A third blunder gives the NVA their first kill!

"Prepare to defend yourselves!"

Pound them with everything while their in the open!

The reinforcements arrive and then stall!

Slowly and steady wins the race, my arse!

Still just holding the line

The valley of death

That bridge does not look stable!

Deploying to avoid the RPGs!

Another command blunder sends a HMG team out into the open.

A wall of fire is pushing the NVA back into the jungle

The walls are unbreached

Only the support weapons remain from this battalion.

The NVA pass their break test

The US troops pull back to avoid being hit

 The NVA fail their break test at -4 and run! They lost 14 stands to the Yanks 4 but the NVA did have 3 command bonuses and one blunder in comparison to the US's 4 blunders and one bonus!!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

15mm US Firebase - Finished

Not a 100% happy with the overall look, too brown in the middle and too green on the outside. I wanted the middle to look a bit muddy and churned up but I think it looks more like a WW1 trench then South East Asia!

Friday, 13 July 2012

15mm US VIetnam Firebase - Work in progress

The resin bits are from Timecast,

Phase 1:

With the gaps in the wall filled in:

Textured PVA applied:


First base coat:

Second ground highlight plus sandbags painted and inked:

Pre-varnish and flocking: