Thursday, 26 April 2012

For Sale - 6mm Sci-fi

All the infantry and vehicles are from Ground Zero Games,

8 stands of infantry with added heavy weapons
3 stands of walkers
3 stands of tanks
2 stands of grav tanks

All painted to a decent tabletop standard, varnished and based on 2mm MDF bases.

Additional pictures:

Also included is some unpainted 6mm terrain:

There is also some spare grav tank bases and a command base I started but never finished:

Also two unassembled VTOL gunships:

I'm looking for £25 including UK postage. International postage at cost.

Friday, 20 April 2012

The importance of research

I just spent a fair while painting a (for me) fairly complex paint scheme on an M-113 only to discover it did not come in until around 5 years after our games are going to be set! Yesterday I discovered that the two stands of guys with recoil less rifle armed men I am in the middle of painting up can only be used up to the year before our games are going to be set, but if we move back a year to allow for this the tank I bought (which cost more) is no longer useable. So research is the important thing...

How I managed to finish my masters is beyond me.