Saturday, 21 May 2011

[Full Thurst] Take & Holder Sector 10978/4

Search & Rescue VESSEL Bulldog, entering sector 10978/4, wait one...
Heavy NSL presence, engaging stealth mode...
No sign of NAC battle squadron, multiple black boxes detected,
Launching recovery drones...

The NAC small vessel squadron heads off to dominate one area of the sector, are they going a bit fast?

The NACs big guns split off.

The NSL also split up, confrontation looks imminent.

Action stations!

Long range NSL fire accounts of a couple of scout vessels, do them asteroids look a bit close?

Flying way to fast the NAC fail to evade the asteroids.

Very close combat as the two groups pass each other, NAC fighters come out to play

Yellow fighter wing brave the PDS.

Purple fight wing comes out to play

The asteroids do even more damage!

NSL fighters arrive to deter the NAC, yellow wing are down to one bird and purple are gone.

Spread out and take control!

Chase them!

Yellow wing falls in to provide fighter cover.

No peace in this sector!

The NAC have only their flag ship left!

The brave NAC fighters go after the missile boat

The NSL heavy ships start to turn, passing a wreck.

PDS vs, Fighters - a draw but the missile boat survives

The NSL narrowly avoid eating planet

The dual continues without a conclusion.

Out of control and with a damaged power core!

The power core manages not to explode

The fighters finally score a hit but then run out of fuel!

Its all over!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

[ROE] Armoured Assualt Russians vs. Germans

German paras with a stugg and a captured T-34 assualt dug in Russians

The table, err I don't seem to be able to rotate this.

The German start line

The Germans advance

The Russians are confused by their assignment and run off to assault the Germans

Surprise! HMG on op. fire!

German recon section takes a hit

The Stugg bravely advances down a narrow street.

The Russians hide in a wood, waiting....

Combat engineers also advance towards the Germans, I wonder what their planning?

The Stugg is not alone


The Stugg cautiously pokes its nose out and destroys the shed in which two LMGs were hiding

Mwahahahah its flamethrower time!

The German's seem angry about this, they are also annoyed that flamethrowers are not counted as cumbersome!


Remember the Russians in the wood? They ran out and chopped up the scouts but then got shot to bits and were forced to run away.

Their friends are inside but the LMG team somehow survive a hail of fire

Combat engineers dealt with, the Germans advance

Oh dear, something seems to have happened to the building the Germans were hiding in!

Things have gone badly for the HMG team!

The German HQ arrives to supervise the attack

The captured T-34 does for the bunker, which is more than its ever done for its real owner!

Getting paras out of the woods is tough, the Russians are HE'ing, MG'ing and swearing at them!

The trench is not as safe as we thought comrade!

First break test for the Russians

The Russians can't get them out and the Germans won't come out

That minefield was a waste of points.

Another Russian break test

The Russian HQ starts to take up the spaces in the bunker along with a tank hunter team who use their weapons to snipe at the Germans. The Russian medic saves a life!

Someone noticed the German HQ and panzershrek team!

The Russians refuse to quit!

Its looking uncomfortable in the trench, however the Germans are pushed over their break point when their radio operator takes a panzershreck to the face!

The Germans have to take their first break test, horrified by the grisly death of the radio operator they leg it!