Tuesday, 28 December 2010

[ROE] Eagle in the lake

A German plane has come down into a frozen Russain lake, both sides are interested. A German medical platoon known as the Cold Custard Brigade with some Para support vs. a Soviet rifle platoon.

A General advance by both sides, but no fighting.

The Soviets fall short in a charge and get punished! Meanwhile as the Germans cross a small hill, one of the Soviet armoured cars nails them with MG fire. A German shell bounces off the Soviet armoured car.

The Cold Custard boys continue to suffer on the hilltop as the Soviets hit the lake. A Soviet shell tears through German armour but fails to explode.

The Soviets manage to pass a break test to stay in it. The Soviets manage to bounce more shells off armour, while German hand grenades do terrible damage! The Soviets race across the ice and engage the German HQ in close combat, the Germans pour an additional section into the combat, while managing to destroy a Soviet armoured car.

Once again the Soviets stay in the fight. Their scouts storm into the woods and engage the Paras in close combat, meanwhile the epic brawl in the middle continues, minor damage is caused to a German armoured car. As the German term arrives, they bottle it and run, victory for the boys in red!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Attack on Winnekdonk Feb 1945

During Operation Veritable an attack took place on the
town of Winneckendonk by the 2nd Lincolns and the Scots
Guards of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade. The town was a
defensive node garrisoned by the Para Lehr regiment
(heavily armed with panzerfausts) and a battalion of Fortress
troops supported by self propelled guns. Both sides
had ample artillery support but no air support.

British Forces (3000pts)
• One company Scots Guards
• One troop Honeys (Reece)
• 1 battalion infantry

German Forces
• 1 Battalion of Fallschrimjager
• 1 Battalion of Fortress Troops
• 2 x 88mm
• Many 50mm ATGs
• HMGs
• Bunkers
• SPGs

 The British lay down smoke and begin their slow advance on the town with the infantry mounted on tanks.

The British lay down more smoke, while German rocket artillery splashs down harmlessly in the woods. Massed Churchill fire clears a German MG team out of a hill top trench, while the Stuggs move out of town.

As the Churchills reach the edge of town the lead tank is hit by a bunkered 88! The Churchill is destroyed.

As one British coloumn nears the town the Germans move to meet them, at the other side of town the British redeploy to meet the threat of the Stuggs. Rocket artillery mains British infantry.

The British FAO looks to find a good vantage point, German rocket artillery takes out a British HQ! But on the edge of town the British are sarting to push in, they take out a Stugg.

Close combat and close range fire start to take their toll in the town, while the British chase away the remenants of the Stuggs. The Germans face a break test.

Which they pass! The British suffer a number of casualties attempting to storm a building.

 Just as the British are starting to make an impact in the town the Germans drop the Rocket hammer onto the town including their own troops! Nearly a third of a battalion of British infantry are wiped out!

Both sides face breaktests, the Germans at -3 the Brits at -1, the Germans pass and the British fail handing an unlikely victory to the Germans!