Saturday 11 December 2010

Ardennes - Game 2

A meeting engagement between 2500pts of American Para’s and the Germans in the Ardennes, not the least bit marred by the seven blunders which occurred before turn five!!

Both sides advance slowly but blunders slow their advance.

Yet more blunders hamper both sides attempts to close with the enemy.

The Para's begin to occupy an German defensive position on top of a hill.

The German motorised infantry with their marders finally begin to make some headway.

The German infantry is caught by an artillery strike, however due to a blunder in the last turn only one gun is in action this turn and damage is limited. In the centre the Americans continue to swarm across the hill top, but in on the left the German heavy forces are arriving.

The Americans in the centre try to close on the heavy tanks, this is ill advised and ends badly, things are swinging in German favour.

Long range fire from the German armour has really started to take its toll on the Americans but they pass a break test to stay in the game. The Americans are now mostly restricted to long range attacks and artillery but they slowley begin to take their toll, however it is not much in comparison to their own heavy loses.

The Americans continue to fight, and as the Germans close in for the kill targets become more available to the Americans, they manage to knock out some of the advancing German infantry. However the Germans continue to take their toll. The Americans finest hour arrives when they combine virtually all their remaing resourese to destroy the might Jagdtiger!

With both sides unbroken and both having reached their minor objectives its a draw, a result that flaters the Americans!

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