Wednesday, 28 December 2011

[ROE] FJ vs Soviets - Take & Hold

The objective is the radio tower

Germans advance

The red horde advances

Using cover sensibly

Taking fire

At the base of the hill the first wave prepare for the worst.

Time to open up!

Anti-tank team, shame the Germans didn't bring a tank!

Russian HQ in a holding position in the woods

Mortar vs. Machine Gun

German HQ

Waiting for the Germans

After several turns of fire the Soviets opt to hide

They look a bit close...

Pop up attack!

The Germans assualt the Armorued Car and are then in turn attacked

After several rounds of fighting the Russians take victory

Mexican stand off

Close combat deals with the Germans and pushes them over their break point! The Russians take a prisoner, completing their secret objective!

Victory comrades!

[BKCII] Battle of Attrition France September 1944

Guards Armoured Division vs. Ze Germans

The panters try to flank the dug-in Guards via the back of some woods.

Defensive position covering both flanks

Long range sniping by Pz.4's.

One troop of Shermans advance out of cover

German reece

Out gunned!

The tide starts to turn against the Germans

The RAF appear and are driven off

Op. fire slows down the mighty Panther

But not without cost

The SS storm forward but are stopped in their tracks

The RAF finish off the foolish SS

But a panzerfaust takes out one Sherman


The infantry feel isolated without the armour

The SS risk the wrath of Op. Fire to escape

Sniping shermans

Using the hedge as cover to shell the town

Abandoned transport

The British start to deal with the German support units

A last counter attack by the SS fails to prevent a crushing defeat for the Germans