Saturday 17 December 2011

[CWC] Black Hawk Down - Somalia 1993

A Task Force Ranger Black Hawk has been shot down over Somalia, the survivors have formed a perimeter around the crash site and are holding out for reinforcements...

The crash site

The first mob of Somalians approach one of the occupied buildings.

The Navy try to hold then back after a failed close combat attempt by the occupying forces

What mischief lies beneath this hidden marker?

The Somalians fail to assault the building but they do drive off the latest air attack

Bombs away

More militia try to sneak up to the Americans

Somalian snipers pin down the American CO

The Navy is the only thing keeping the rangers in it.

Over crowding seems to be a problem in Somalia...

The American rescue forces arrive

As the technicals arrive the Rangers open up with AT-4s

The the navy takes its turn

and finally the Rangers finish them off with small arms fire!

US reece taken out by the recoilless rifle.

In position to ex filtrate the rangers.

The hard core of the Somalian infantry arrive

A full house of Somalians...

The TOW missiles of the American forces make short work of the building and nearly all its occupants.

As the time to mount up arrives the Americans keep trying to push back the Somalians so they can't RPG the vulnerable Humvees

Any one need a ride?

There used to be some militia here but the Bradley's cannon fire is dominating the open ground.

The navy boys are earning their keep

US sniper team

A consolation prize for the locals!

The Rangers head back to base

A bad day for the militia, massive loses while the Rangers lost one section, one Humvee and a light tank.