Saturday 30 July 2011

[BKC2] Somewhere in the Ardennes December 1944

American Paras and Waffen SS fight over a small town. 1500pt Encounter battle.

The Americans go first!

Only half the American force gets on the table and heads down the road.

The Germans get a command bonus and run across the snow!

The Americans go first!

The Paras reach the edge of town.

The second half of the Para force stall at a small wood.

Another command bonus sees the SS storming into town.

The Americans go first (its not deja vu!)

The SS are pouring into town and taking up strong positions.

The first shot of the game sees the Hertzer fire down the road, the Paras don't seem impressed.

Command blunder sends the American HQ back to the edge of town.

The Americans go first!

A command blunder knocks out a jeep towing an artillery support unit.

Its difficult to call in artillery when you can only see 5cm!

The other US commander blunders as well sending a reece unit into close combat, they die.

Any guesses who went first?

Suddenly the American CO starts issuing orders, his force runs into town

In the centre of town a brutal series of close assualts and point blank range fire power causes devastation.

The COs boys are stabbing Germans left right and centre!

However they get a little to cocky and suffer some casualties themselves!

There are no prizes for guessing who went first!

The Anericans are staring to gain the upper hand, a single 30 cal MG team chases the German FAO around the town.

The marder heads off road and tries to nail some Paras.

However it runs out of command steam!

The SS bottle it, victory for the Americans!