Saturday 15 October 2011

[CWC] 6 Day War - Seize the crossroads

Egyptian lorried infantry manage one move before grinding to a halt.

The same problem effects the Israeli armour.

Also their infantry and the Egyptian armour!

Heavy metal!

One more short move for the trucks.

Egyptian smoke screen.
Dismounted Israelis head for the crossroads on foot.

Their neighbours decide to do the same.

The T-55 battalion makes short work of some super shermans.
But not without taking damage.

Snappers KO'd before they can snap!

Occupied building covering the crossroads.

The Israeli airforce runs into flak ally - 2 AA units, 1 HQ and a CO, its driven off taking two hits!

Braving heavy fire to reach the crossroads.

On the edge of the objective.

Burning AA and snappers.

Ariel recon.

More ariel recon.

This seems like a bit much for dealing with a PT-76!

The Israelis seem to be stuck and they can't hit a PT-76 hiding behind a small wall!

Having survived death by plane the PT-76 chases off its third command stand.

This looks like a good target for artillery .... INCOMING!

The death of the AA units seems to have given the air force more confidence.

More reckless action from the PT-76!

Both units die!
Turn 8!
The Egyptians have taken a pounding reaching the cross roads but they are holding on.

Despite a spirited finally combined arms attack from the Israelis the Egyptians hold on for the win!

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